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Mr. K.C.Logeswaran

Hon.Chief Minister

Mr. Isura Dewapriya


Mr. Sumithlal Mendis


Mrs. Chandima Disanayake


204, Dencil Kobbekaduwa Rd,
Battamulla, Sri Lanka

T: (011) 286 5 999
(011) 286 5 997
(011) 286 5 998
F: (011) 286 58 48


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Certified Schools

The certified schools coming under the purview of the Department , are located at Makola and Ranmuthugala. Among these certified schools Makola is  only for boy children, while the one at Rammuthugala is only for girl children. Only children between 12 to 18 years of age, are admitted to this school.It is also only by a court order.Based on individual’s talents and abilities, inmates there are given vocational training in various trades like Masonry, Electricity, Welding, Sawing,Using Computers etc. Furthermore some children are sending to external schools for higher studies.The process of re-integration and socialization is also carried out by this institution.

Detention Homes
The detention homes are those places where children are detained until they are produced before courts or pending court decisions after they have been produced. The children detained in these Homes are well studied so that it would be easy to take a decision about the most suitable rehabilitation programme for each child. There is a home for boy’s at Makola. The one at Rammuthugala is for girls.

services rendered for the orphaned abandoned destitute and abused children. 
These are Children’s Homes established and run by voluntary organizations with due advice and assistance and help of the Department with a view to provide protection and care for the orphaned, abandoned, destitute and abused children A payment of financial assistance on daily basis of Rs.20 per a child , is paid for each child by the Department. There are 120 such Homes throughout the western province , registered under the Department. There are facilities for these children to receive normal education as well. The best way for the growth of a child is to be with the his/her parents. Only children orphaned due to death of both parents or those abandoned by parents or those Distitute consequent to deprivation of basic needs, are institutionalized, For further details, please contact the nearest Probation Office.

State receiving Homes 
There is one  Children’s Home, established and administrated by the Department to receive and provide protection for Children who have been deprived of living at home temporarily or permanently located at Panadura. Children, abandoned in Hospitals or by the sides of roads and children of parents who are subject to various disasters are also admitted to these Homes. Every endeavor is made to locate their parents and hand over them to their parents. If it is found not possible to such childrens are admitted to Children’s Homes when they become adults, they are integrand with the society.

Nutrition Centres
There are 2 Nutrition centers in Western province  run by voluntary organizations. Children undernourished in state Receiving Homes and Voluntary Children’s Homes, are given necessary trendiest.

Day care centers 
The day care centers established and run by voluntary organizations, under the surveillance of the Department, are meant to look after children of working mothers during the day time.therer are 39 such centers in Western Province, providing necessary protection for such children. By these centres, parents are also educated as how to bring up their children to promote steady and healthy growth, both physically and mentally.  

Aids & Support Given by Department

Following Aids are given for the children, Guardians and child development centers

  • Sisumina Scholarship
  • Fit person Allowances
  • Incentives for Matron
  • Ad-hoc Aid for Child Development Centre
  • Maintenance Aid for Child Development Centre
  • Maintenance Aid for Day Care Centre

Under the Sisumina Scholarship programme Rs.500 is given for a month to a child who is studying up to Ordinary Levels and Rs. 1000/- for a child studying for advance levels.

Rs.750 is given to a child for a month who is under a care of Fit Person.

Matrons of a Child Development Centers are given Rs.1000 and Matrons of Day Care Centers are given Rs.500 for a month as incentive scheme.

For a Child Development Centre Rs.200,000  is given as a ad-hoc grant  for a year  while   Rs.20  is given a day as a Maintenance grant for a child. Rs.115,000 is given as a ad-hoc grant for a year and  Rs.100  is given a month as a Maintenance grant for a child in Day Care Centre.


24 hour Functioning Probation Unit

The main object of the 24 hour Functioning Probation Unit is providing facilities to child accuses and child victims as soon as possible. This unit has formed at probation and Child care Department head office which is handled by the head quarter probation officers.